WiiOSCClient A class that communicates with DarWiinRemote OSC

Inherits from: Object : OSCHID

This calss has all the same methods as WiiMote, so if that class ever gets fixed, it would be possible to switch back to it with minimal effort. 

To use this class, start DarWiinRemote OSC and set its preferences so its OSC out port is the language port of SuperCollider

See also: WiiMote

// First, you create a new instance of WiiOSCClient, 

// which starts in calibration mode

w = WiiOSCClient.new;

// If you have not already done so, open up DarwiinRemote OSC and get it talking to your wii.

// Then go to preferences of that application and set the OSC port to the language port

// Of SuperCollider.  You will see a message in the post window telling you what port

// that is .... or you will see a lot of min and max messages, which lets you know it's

// already callibrating

// move your wiimote about as if you were playing it.  It will scale it's output accordingly

// now that you're done callibrating, turn callibration mode off

w.calibrate = false;

// The WiiOSCClient is set up to behave very much like a HID client and is furthermore

// designed for drop-in-place compatibility if anybody ever sorts out the WiiMote code

// that SuperCollider pretends to support.

// To get at a particular aspect of the data, you set an action per slot:

w.setAction(\ax, {|val|

val.value; // is the scaled data from \ax - the X axis of the accelerometre.

// It should be between 0-1, scaled according to how you waved your arms during

// the callibration period