Java Just Intonation Calculator in beta. Reads Scala files. Does math. Plays sounds. It's nifty.

SuperCollider Libraries

All linked code by C. Hutchins, released under GPL

Beta Code

This stuff should all work. Contact me if you have problems.

  • code for using HIDs. A Helpfile will be forthcoming.
  • code to calculate stereo-ation based on virtual sound source locations
  • code to do tuning table operations
  • code to do some granular things with buffers. This code mostly works, but I haven't cleaned it up or commented it. It does some nice faster-than-real-time things like finding pauses in speech or sound and finding the dominant pitch of a buffer or grain. Some of the methods that return arrays that might be useful for Pbinds don't really work, alas.

Alpha Code

  • a class which does timing stuff based on repeated tap events. It works, but needs some cleanup, comments and probably a helpfile. There is a decription of how to use it at My blog.
  • as far as I know, it works, but I haven't done much testing. You need the P5 OSC drivers to use this class.

Abandoned Code

I decided this wasn't worth it to keep working on, but maybe some of the code might be useful to you.

  • Grain Pic a Xenakis-inspired library/application for granular synthesis. Requires the Conductor class, which is a part of the Wesleyan build.

Abandoned Tutorial

I was working on a SuperCollider Tutorial. One day I will finish it, but I want to rework it to reply more on Pbinds. This is intended for people who do not have previous programming experience. It requires some classes which are part of the Wesleyan build. There are a few errors in the documents, but none of them are serious.


I was searching the web for a sample of somebody yelling goaaaaaaal and couldn't find anything. Clearly, my samples must be shared. These are public domain.

  • Goaaaaaal! 00'05 aiff 16 bit mono normalized
  • Gong 00'19 aiff 16 bit mono normalized
  • "Sadam Hussein" voice of George W Bush 00'01 aiff 16 bit mono
  • "Terrorists" voice of George W Bush 00'01 aiff 16 bit mono