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On Saturday, May 3, 2003 at noon, the I.D.E.A. Ensemble, consisting of Luoi Conde, Tiffany Gray, Mitch Crane, Celeste Hutchins and Christi Denton was part of the Music Circus in celebration of the closing of the 6th Annual Music for People and Thingamajigs festival, a yearly selection of tunings not traditionally western, made and found instruments, environments and people. The location of the music circus was the intersection of Market and Castro streets (San Francisco) and the surrounding hills (Twin Peaks, Buena Vista Park, and the hill with the Randall Museum on it) from which sound was directed towards this intersection or difused throughout space.

IDEA installed a very large windchime, hanging over the Harvey Milk Plaza Muni station. The windchime was made of a bowling ball and several 5 gallan water bottles.

IDEA was thwarted by the more members of the SFPD than you would expect to show up to a music installation during their other two wind chime hangings. The two wind chimes, made out of pipes, brake drums, bike parts, mail boxes, gas cans, wire spools and metal shelving were not hung as they were deemed a threat to national security.

A firsthand account of the experience was posted on Celeste's weblog
Wind Chime waiting in the rain
Hanging over the Harvey Milk Plaza
With Luoi
Close up
Luoi and Tiffany break down the water bottles
Celeste lugs the bowling ball and chain off.

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