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Virtual Memory (Excerpt)

[play] Virtual Memory (Excerpt)

Composed in 2001 using Macintosh Virtual Memory with an AIFF header added, a Jomox AirBase drum machine and a Midiverb. This used to be a 40 minute composition, which I broke into two parts due to limitations on file size imposed by I released this as an album in 2001 or 2002, but it failed to sell well. To try to get people to listen to it, I renamed the files to “unreleased britney spears,” and logged on to Napster, where I would hang around in the chat rooms encouraging people to download them. In those days, we called that sort of behavior “guerilla marketing.” Now, it’s more commonly referred to as “being an asshole.”

The first 8 minutes were always the best, so here they are.


Pro Manko de Edzino

[play] Pro Manko de Edzino

This piece was written in my first semester at Wesleyan University for a concert of short works called “Five Minute Wonders.” This recording is from that concert. The performer is Neely Bruce.

This piece was written while I was missing my (then) wife, who was studying in Paris, France while I was studying on the East Coast of the US.


Rain Clouds

[play] Rain Clouds

I’m writing a SuperCollider program based on Xenakis’ description of granular synthesis in Formalized Music. My program has a graphical interface very similar to UPIC. The working title for this program is GrainPIC. This piece is generated by a prototype of this program and is a proof-of-concept. Xenakis envisioned cloud synthesis with only sine wave grains, so the prototype only supports sine grains, however, I expect to change this shortly.