The most recent version of this tutorial can now be found at: http://sc3howto.blogspot.com/. I have not yet posted all of the content below, so it is archived here.

All versions are intended for people who do not have previous programming experience. It requires some classes which are available as Quarks. Specifically, it requires the Conductor class, which you should use instead of the Display class. To get it, type the line: ‘Quarks.install(“Conductor”)’ into a text window (without the single quotes) and hit enter on that same line. You don’t need to do this right away and this instruction will be clearer if you read the first chapter first.

Please note that the formatting of the PDFs may have inserted line breaks. This is normally not a problem, but might be in the case of commented lines. // signifies a comment, and comments all the text to the right of the sign. If the pdf has inserted a line break in the middle of a commented line, then you will get a syntax error if you cut and paste the example including the line break. (If you don’t know what this means, don’t worry, it’s explained in the tutorial.)

There are a few minor errors, that are fixed on the blogged version. All the code listed below has been tested and worked when it was posted.

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