Charles Céleste Hutchins / Composer


UK Tel: +44 (0) 790 825 5439

b. 1976 in San Jose, California, USA


I primarily do computer music and installations, but also enjoy ensemble writing and tuba improvisation.


Discography and Film

Talks, Presentations, and Papers

  • September 2016 ‘Temporality, Structure, Symbols and the Social: Graphic Notation as Process’ chapter in Music and/as Process, Cambridge Scholars Publishing
  • May 2016 ‘The Trouble with Twitter’ at the Art Meets Radical Openness festival in Linz, Austria
  • May 2016 ‘Please Touch: Sex Robot #1’ at the Sound Acts Festival in Athens, Greece
  • July 2015 ‘Live Patch / Live Code’ at the Live Code Conference in Leeds.
  • July 2014 ‘Soundbeam: a Platform for Sonifying Web Tracking’ at NIME.
  • June 2014 ‘Temporality, Structure, Symbols and the Social: Graphic Notation as Process’ at Music and/as Process in Canterbury.
  • October 2013 Participated in concluding roundtable at the Notation Symposium at Goldsmiths in London.
  • May 2013 ‘The TuningLib Quark’ at the SC2013 SuperCollider Symposium in Boulder, CO, USA.
  • April 2013 On a panel at the Notation in Musical Practice conference at Wesleyan University in Connecticut, USA.
  • April 2012 ‘Working on a mixed network with BiLETools’ with Shelly Knotts and Chris Tarren at the SC2012 SuperCollider Symposium in London, UK.
  • July 2011 ‘BiLE networking strategy and tools’ with Shelly Knotts at the Laptops Meet Musicians Festival in Venice, Italy.


  • 2003 – present Board member of Other Minds in San Francisco, California
  • 2009 – present Chair of the board of Fossbox in London, UK
  • 2011 – present Member of the Vocal Constructivists in London, UK.
  • 2014 – present Member of the Music and/as Process RMA Study Group.
  • 2015 – present Member of Autonomous Tech Fetish arts organisation in London, UK.
  • 2011 – 2015 Co-founding member of BiLE in Birmingham, UK
  • 2011 – 2014 Project Coordinator for the Network Music Festival 2012-4.
  • 2011 – 2013 Organiser of monthly London SuperCollider Users Group meetups.
  • 2007 – 2011 Member of BEAST, Birmingham Electroacoustic Sound Theatre at the University of Birmingham, UK.
  • 2006 – 2009 Member of the advisory board of Transonic Arts in New York


  • PhD in Musical Composition, 2012, Thesis, ‘Portfolio of Compositions‘, University of Birmingham with Scott Wilson
  • Sonology Course, Spring 2007, Royal Conservatory of the Netherlands
  • CCMIX year long course in electronic music, Spring 2006
  • MA in Composition, Spring 2005, Wesleyan University with Ron Kuivila
  • BA in Electronic Music and Recording and also in Computer Science, Spring 2008, Mills College with Maggi Payne

New and Notable Performances

July 2017 Immrama live notation piece performed by toy piano, tenor and accordion at the Music and Philosophy conference, Kings College, London
May 2017 Set of algorithmically generated dubstep with live tuba wub at the Chemical Algorave in Newcastle
August 2016 Set of live coded dance music in the Algorave tent at the Electromagnetic Field festival, UK
June 2016 Chicken Fucker piece for ‘robot’ piano at the Slippery Chicken symposium at Goldsmiths College, London
May 2016 @BlockAllTwerps installation at Art Meets Radical Openness in Linz, Austria
April -May 2016 Please Touch: Sex Robot #1 installation at the Libre Graphics Meeting in London and also at the Sound Acts Festival in Athens, Greece
April 2016 Immrama live graphic notation piece performed by the Vocal Constructivists at Ideopreneurial Entrephonics II in Dublin, Ireland
November 2015 Please Touch installation of two ‘sex robots’ at Common House, Bethnal Green, London.
July 2015 Performed in The Great Learning by Cornelius Cardew at Union Chapel, London.
June 2015 #SC140 installation for playing SuperCollider tweets in real time on a Raspberry Pi, at the Klang Festival in Montpelier, France.
May 2015 Live synthesiser patching at St Laurence Church in Catford.
March 2015 Soundbeam with BiLE at Sex and Security at Furthfield Commons in London.
February 2015 Performed in The Scratch Orchestra’s Nature Study Notes at Cafe Oto in London, UK.
June 2014 Imramma live notation piece, performed by the Vocal Constructivists at the Music and/as Process Conference in Canterbury.
March 2014 #SC140 installation for playing SuperCollider tweets in real time at the SEAMUS conference at Wesleyan University, Connecticut, USA.
February 2014 Cloud Drawings at the Other Minds Festival in San Francisco.
May-June 2013 USA tour with piece Cloud Drawings, presented at the SuperCollider Symposium in Boulder and in San Francisco, Seattle and at the SubZero Festival in San Jose.
April 2013 Solo live synthesiser patching at the Live.Code.Festival in Karlsruhe, Germany
March 2012 Duo with live synthesiser patching and Will Conner on percussion at Boat-ting in London, UK.
January 2012 Piece The Death of Stockhausen, Act 2 performed by BiLE, the Birmingham Laptop Ensemble, at the Network Music Festival in Birmingham, UK.
July 2011: Piece Partially Percussive performed by BiLE at the Laptops Meet Musicians Festival in Venice, Italy.
April 2011: Piece in Ancient and Modern Concert at St Marys Collegiate Church in Warwick, UK.
April 2010: Solo set of analog modular synthesizer and live-sampling at Noise=Noise at Butchers Corner in London, UK.
May 2009: Piece in the BEAST Festival at the CBSO Centre in Birmingham, UK.
July 2008: Duo with Polly Moller and a homebrew lie detector at the Edgetone Festival in San Francisco, California, USA.
July 2008: Improvised duo with Polly Moller live on KFJC radio in Los Altos Hills, California, USA.
May 2008: Solo set of laptop and film at the Eclectic Tech Carnival at the Plantage Dok in Amsterdam, the Netherlands.
February 2008: Improvised duo on laptop and analog synthesizer and Matt Davignon on pedals and electronic devices at the 1510 Performance Space in Oakland, California, USA.
January 2008: Improvised solo on laptop and analog synthesizer at the Luggage Store Gallery in San Francisco, California, USA
October 2007: Lock Up Your Children in the Birmingham Book Festival at the Ikon Eastside in Birmingham, UK
July 2007: Laptop set at the Eclectic Tech Carnival at Cafe Strom in Linz, Austria
May 2007: Improvised duo on laptop and zebu horn with Nick Fox-Gieg on laptop at Zentrale Randlage in Berlin, Germany
March 2007: Live set on United Colors of Noise radio show broadcast from The Hague, the Netherlands and streamed on the Internet
October 2006: Two pieces at the TAG Gallery in The Hague, the Netherlands
August 2006: Improvised quartet on tuba with Aram Shelton on reeds, Jen Baker on trombone and Damon Smith on double bass at the Temescal Cafe in Oakalnd, California, USA
August 2006: Improvised duo on synthesizer with David Jensenius on laptop at the Maybeck Recital Hall in Berkeley, California, USA
August 2006: Laptop set at the Luggage Store Gallery in San Francisco, California, USA
June 2006: Composition and improvisation duo on laptop with Solène Riot on recorder and cornetto, accompanying dance contact improvisation at 10 rue Bisson, Paris, France.
March 2006: Text sound poetry and electronic noise at La Barbare in Montreuil, France.
August 2005: Improvisation at Luggage Store Gallery in San Francisco, CA on tuba and laptop with Phillip Greenlief-reeds, Noah Phillips-guitar, and Damon Smith-double bass
June 2005: Set of Text Sound Poetry at the BRINK Series at the Hemlock Tavern in San Francisco, CA, USA
June 2005: Improvised duo at the Garden of Memory concert in Oakland, CA on laptop with Ellen Fullman on autoharp
October 2004: Coulter Shock played at Red Festival in Toronto