Alpha Code

  • New: is a class to use a WiiMote with DarWiin Remote OSC and to use other OSC HIDs. The WiiMote class has all the same methods as the “real” SC Wiimote support, which is broken, at present. There are now several help files for the member classes of this file: OSCHID deals with any OSC HID. OscSlot deals with each individual part of such a device and WiiOSCClient is a subclass specific to WiiMotes.
  • a class which does timing stuff based on repeated tap events. It works, but needs some cleanup, comments and probably a helpfile. There is a decription of how to use it at My blog.
  • as far as I know, it works, but I haven’t done much testing. You need the P5 OSC drivers to use this class.
  • DissonanceCurve is now part of the TuningLib Quark

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