Survey: Trans noise musicians

This short, unscientific survey is to gather anecdotes about the experiences of trans people, including enbies, in noise music.

The information collected will be presented at New Emergences: Trans and Noise in Amsterdam on 25 February. I suspect the audience will be largely cis.

Your input will be completely anonymous unless you decide to enter your name at the end. I do not keep any other identifying information. The computers hosting this survey are within the EU.

I may also use your replies in future papers and presentations with the goal of promoting and supporting the musical contributions of trans people.

Are you / do you identify as trans, post-trans, or enby?
What is your gender?
Are you a noise musician?
How did you first get involved with noise music?
What do you like about noise?
Do you think that noise and gender are linked for you?
If yes, how do you think noise and gender are linked for you?
Do you think noise is a trans genre?
Why do you think noise is or is not a trans genre?
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Any additional comments
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Thank you for participating in this survey. If you have any questions or concerns, please don't hesitate to contact me at