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Joystick Intermezzo

[play]Joystick Intermezzo (2008)

All of my SuperCollider pieces require several silent seconds to clear existing memory, pre-compute data and load joystick drivers. I find it helpful in many circumstances to play short tape pieces as intermezzos while other, longer pieces, get ready to play. This particular one is designed to be used between pieces involving an old fashioned, large joystick. I timed how long it takes to load pieces that involve that joystick and it tends to be around 40 seconds, so this intermezzo is 45 seconds long.

The musical sounds are generated in SuperCollider, using pulse width modulation, constrained to 8 bit resolution, to give it a retro videogame sound. The game sound FX are from Wolfenstein 3d, the first first person shooter, in front of which I wasted many many hours of my youth. Thanks to Eric Bumstead who actually had a copy of it!



[play]Phreaking (2008)

I wrote this piece for BrumCon 07. The con was sponsored by our local 2600 group, so I decided to use telephone in-line signaling codes as source materials. I spent a lot of time readin up on phone phreaking, which was just so completely cool. I never did it as a kid because the threats my dad made against me were so dire. But man, it was awesome!

The piece, though, is slightly silly. Well, maybe more than slightly. I doubt I’ll play it again, but I think the logic I used around the drum beats will definitely be refined and reused.

In the spirit of the con, the fugly, un-clean code is below the cut, along with some explanation of what the heck is going on. When I say ugly and unclean, I really, really mean it.

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