Faux-bourdon Bleu

[play] Faux-bourdon Bleu

An artifact-laden brassage where samples from french radio news are expanded and then compressed, creating a drone texture. The samples used include the France Bleu theme, the RFI news theme and some chanting from a protest.

De la synthèse granulaire avec beaucoup d’artéfacts. Il y a des enregistrements de France Bleu, RFI et une manifestation.

Performed at la Barbare, 11 Mars 2006


3 thoughts on “Faux-bourdon Bleu

  1. Edward Mondini

    I was looking around to see if someone was flying their toy airplane until I realized it was your music. What’s wrong with deep bass? I think this would be the missing piece that would propel your creation into Stunning.

  2. Les Post author

    Thanks. Your comments about bass are interesting, especially since I play bass, bass guitar and tuba, but I often leave it out of my compositions. UPIC Impressions of Paris contains some very, very low tones, maybe because I mixed it on better speakers than normal.

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