Shorts: #9 The Wonder That Is Daniel

[play] Shorts: #9 The Wonder That Is Daniel (2007)

Titled and commissioned by Polly Moller for Daniel Magazin’s birthday. Happy Birthday, Daniel!

I made this piece on a MOTM by sending a sawtooth wave through a sub octave mutltiplexer and then through my Sherman Filter Bank. I got the high parts by plugging something into the FM jack of the filter and then yanking out the cord and waiting for the filtered sound to return to normal. There’s also some sawtooth waves that have been modulated by the random output of a Sample and Hold. I recorded that in stereo and then nudged the right channel over, to delay it in comparison with the left. This trick can create some illusion of distance, since sounds that come from far away often have phase differences by the time they reach your ears.