Daily Archives: 15 April 2007

Shorts: #16 Delaware Covered in Red Velvet

[play] Shorts: #16 Delaware Covered in Red Velvet (2007)

Commissioned and titled by Matt Davignon.

This piece was created with my MOTM synthesizer. I took a couple of the oscillators and ring modulated them and AM modulated them. I sent the ring modulation to a high pass filter, the AM to a low pass filter and mixed them together with a notch filter. This has a very analog synthesizer sound, also the brittleness (for lack of better terminology) is a characteristic sound of the MOTM 420 filter, which I used for the high pass and for notch.


Shorts: #15 Space Corridor

[play] Shorts: #15 Space Corridor (2007)

Commissioned and titled by Graham Coleman.

I made this pieace in the BEA 5 lab at Sonology at the Royal Conservaory in The Hague, Netherlands. This uses MIDI-controlled analog oscillators and the primary sound source. My friend Nick Fox-Gieg set up the MIDI control from his laptop and helped me with a MAX patch. The oscillators went out to the plate reverb – which is an actual 200 kilo plate hanging in the attic someplace. The output of that was ring modulated and sent back to the plate. A lot of the signal also went through the lovely third octave filter in the lab.

The one drawback of the plate is that there’s a lot of hiss in the connection to it. I used the TAP de-Esser and some EQ to lessen the hiss. It also took some of the ‘pop’ out of some of the notes, which makes the whole piece smoother.

Graham is planning on remixing this piece.