Shorts: #24 College Promo

[play] Shorts: #24 For College Promo (2007)

Commissioned and titled by Jean Sirius, who is using it for a video sound track.

I wanted to something that started out collegiate, but got more playful further in. The opening is square waves, which are pulse-width modulated and slightly frequency modulated. While I was recording them, my dog was sleeping nearby. She started barking in her sleep. The almost never barks when she’s awake, but when she’s asleep, she barks quiet, air, high pitched barks which cause her snout to slightly inflate, since she doesn’t open her mouth. I think she’s having nightmares when she does it, but nevertheless, it’s really cute. Maybe she’s actually dreaming of chasing pigeons? The sleep-barking sounded really great with the music! I couldn’t record my dog without accidentally waking her, so instead I tried to mimic the sound with a sherman filterbank. I failed miserably, but I like the sounds that I got. Everytime I use this instrument, I have a little more fun with it and like it a little bit more. It’s frustrating at first, but the effort is paying off.