Daily Archives: 17 January 2024

A Slippery Place

This piece was written for Lev Taylor.

When trying to pick a religious name, I raised the idea of “Glitch” with my rabbi, who was initially nonplussed. In Yiddish, it means a mistake or a slip up. It’s in English that it’s come to mean a voltage spike and to go on to name a genre of digital art.

I made this piece out of a photo of Rabbi Lev Taylor, which I found on the internet. I used a script to glitch hundreds of copies of the Jpeg and stitch them into a film. I also played the Jpeg as it it were an audio file. Then I converted it to a larger file format and stretched it with PaulStretch. I used SuperCollider’s PV_RandComb ugen to pick a few frequencies to play at a time. Due to the maths of the FFT, this tends toward high pitches. I stitched everything together and sent him this piece.

Honestly, I like the idea of going by Glitch so much, I’m thinking about what contexts I could use it in. Art, sure! Everyday life?