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Shorts: #29 Raining Up

[play] Shorts: #29 Raining Up (2009)

Commissioned and titled by Autumn Looijen

This piece was created using a MOTM Synthesizer and mixed in Ardour. There were several false starts. I had been doing field recordings of storms and for a while, every artificial sound I made seemed to also sound like weather. The title Autumn chose seems to indicate that I didn’t quite get away from weather-related sounds.

I have started accepting commissions of one minute pieces again, and I’ve dropped the price since the last round. If you’d like to commission me, check out my online shop thing. Order now to beat the holiday rush!


Clapping (2008)

I used my cell phone to record Nicole clapping inside the cathedral in Breda, the Netherlands. There was an exceptionally long echo on her clap.

I used Audacity to snip out the impulse response from the recording and convolved it several times with the entire recording, using Sound Hack. My cell phone, unsurprisingly emphasizes high frequencies, so the last one I played at half speed to drop it an octave. I mixed these sounds together in Ardour.

The video was some weird cell phone format, which I converted with ffmpegX and then tweaked the speed by writing a little program in Processing. I mixed the whole thing together in iMovie.

That’s seven separate programs, not counting the ones I couldn’t get to work. Obviously, this is an experiment, but I’m looking forward to making more tiny movies.

Also, that sound you hear at the very end of the piece is from my dog barking her head off outside the cathedral. woof woof woof.

If you just want the audio: [play] Clapping (2008)