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Aelita Dreams of Mars

[play] Aelita Dreams of Mars

I remember making this piece, but I can’t remember crucial details, such as the original title. Fortunately, I realised the importance of keeping notes on what I was doing:

Recorded april-july 2003
MOTM and minimodular
theremin-ish patch used on aelita sound track (april)
the rest recorded june 30-july 1
copy of first-mix sent to sonic circuits in 2003

program notes: blah blah blah new sounds old sounds.

I can say with certainty that Sonic Circuits did not select it and that I have since improved my note-taking process.

The parts of it that sound like a theremin were generated with my MOTM analog synthesizer. In April of 2003, Christine Denton and I presented some collaborations at Jack Straw in Seattle, Washington. We worked on a soundtrack for the revolution sequence of the silent Soviet film Aelita Queen of Mars and the theremin sounding parts appeared in that soundtrack. Since Leon Theremin was Russian, it seemed appropriate.