Music for Panic Attacks

[play] Music for Panic Attacks (2006)

Over the summer, I was having problems with anxiety. I noticed that sometimes, if I exposed myself to stressful sounds, they would sometimes leave me feeling relaxed at the end, rather than more agitated. I set out to make something that would stress me into relaxation in this fashion. In stead I came up with this. During the summer, every time I heard it worked on it, it would reliably give me a panic attack. I played it on stage only once in August 2006 at the Luggage Store Gallery. It gave me a mild panic attack. I’ve decided not to play it again.

Other people note that it does not stress them out, so I seem to have found the magical combination to give myself (and nobody else) a panic attack.


2 thoughts on “Music for Panic Attacks

  1. christine

    This made me shudder: my mind and stomach kind of started swimming – but it didn’t give me a panic attack. It might give me an attack if I played it myself, though.

    (Randomly found this from a net search of “panic disorder music”… I was curious to see if anyone found that music could help this disorder. I’ve found that it can help…)


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