Daily Archives: 4 December 2017

Out in the Cold

[play]Out in the Cold

I kind of hope this is the last year I ever have to hear ‘Baby it’s Cold Outside’ as anything other than a bad example.

It comes from a romantic comedy from the 1940s, as a sound track to a scene in which the female lead is trying desperately to escape a Pepe le Pew-like character. This then cuts to an inversion of the scene where a foreign man is trying to escape a woman. That inversion is played with physical comedy.

This song has been covered countless times, but the only versions I could find with the aggressive-woman variation were two sketches starring Miss Piggy.

This cut up uses one line from the film version, plus a few measures of bridge section from that recording.

All of my Christmas songs this year are to fundraising for the Hackney Night shelter, which my wife has been volunteering at. There are very few shelter beds in East London. This roving shelter makes up a large percentage of them.