Daily Archives: 22 December 2017

Sledge Trudge

[play] Sledge Trudge

Some songs have hidden dystopian meanings or inner, subtle depth. And some are just dull but still popular. From Kenny G’s wholly regrettable key changes to the Ronnette’s questionable special effects, the recorded history of pop acts covering Sleigh Ride is one of desperation to make anything interesting happen. Somehow, this song lingers in the top 20 of seasonal favourites, safe, boring, predicatable and no actual mention of any holidays at all.

I uncovered some bug in Audacity that would not allow me to cut out Johnny Matthis saying ‘Just’ at the start of the song, so he remains.

All of my Christmas songs this year are fundraising for the Hackney Night shelter, which my wife has been volunteering at. There are very few shelter beds in East London. This roving shelter makes up a large percentage of them.