Coulter Shock

Coulter Shock

The piece starts with Anne Coulter’s unaltered quote, calling Clinton a scumbag, which is then followed with re-ordered phrases from her many media appearances. The second part of the piece takes a snapshot of the last pass of word reordering. That snapshot is broken into grains all of equal size. The play back algorithm plays back the grains in a moving window, making her stutter. On the second pass, the grains are four times smaller and the window is five times bigger. This goes on in a loop of decreasing grains and increasing window for about six minutes, until only the timbre of her speech remains audible.

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5 thoughts on “Coulter Shock

  1. Ade

    I think it’s great that you’ve set up a blog to discuss your work in SC. However, I think you should make a companion piece to this one, about Clinton giving nuclear weapons to North Korea…

  2. Les Post author

    Anne Coulter said that Clinton gave nukes to North Korea? I think I’ve had enough of her with this piece.

    Or are /you/ saying that about Clinton?
    I don’t work with politicians very often because they leave office and then become less and less relevant, whereas a pundit can be annoying for years. I did think briefly about doing something with “I didn’t have sex with that woman” or whatever it was that he said, but as he’s out of office now, it seemed pointless. Secondly, leaving aside the veracity of a nuclear accusation, I doubt very much that Clinton would have left an audio record of an act of treason (Nixon taught us something) and hence, no piece.

  3. Ade

    Just a Google away:

    “The top Democrat [Hillary Clinton] pointed her finger at the Bush administration despite a 1999 congressional finding that North Korea first obtained the capacity to develop nuclear weapons under her husband’s administration, which actually gave Kim Jong Il nuclear technology in exchange for the promise that he would not make weapons.”

  4. Les Post author

    I don’t want to defend Clinton’s many crimes, but I don’t want to bother making music attacking him for them. I don’t make Bush pieces anymore either, since he’ll be gone soon. Since I’m living in France right now, I’m trying to break away from American, english language pieces. I want to do stuff that might reach a non-american audience and that won’t be hopelessly outdated in 5 years.

    All of the text stuff here is from my Masters thesis.

    Thanks for your interest.

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