Morpheus’ Snare

Morpehus’ Snare

In this piece, I have detuned the left and the right channels. As the piece starts, the detuning falls randomly in between 2 Hz and 20Hz. As it progresses, the range narrows until the left and the right always differ by 10Hz. Alpha brain waves are generally around 10Hz. There are rumors that listening to pitches detuned between the left and right ear at 10Hz will make the listener sleepy and cause them to enter an alpha state.

Dans cette pièce la droite et la gauche ne sont pas en accord. Au début, il y a un écart de 2 à 20 Hz d’accord. Dans la conclusion, l’écart est toujours de 10 Hz, la même fréquence des ondes alpha dans le cerveau.


One thought on “Morpheus’ Snare

  1. Edward Mondini

    Stunning. However, may I suggest putting it further into bass (much further) – I suspect you will have then created something Awesome. Don’t dismiss it yet – try it first.

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