This piece moves through undertones of (2^x)/y. It starts with 32/21 and then adds in 32/19 and then 32/17 to create a triad. Then 32/21 drops out and 16/15 enters. As the farthest out note finishes, a closer one comes in so that the piece migrates from 32/21 to 2/2, always playing a triad.

These triads are AM modulated by low frequency pulse waves, starting at 2 Hz. As the piece progresses, faster pulse waves are added to modify new pitches. The pulse introduced are the base pulse times 2, then 3, then 4, then 5 and finally 6. They do not reach the audio range, although they flirt with the idea. The hard cutoffs of the pulse create interference patterns of clicking.


2 thoughts on “Beep

  1. Edward Mondini

    Tremendous. I think you have something here. But you should know – I experienced borderline Beta – this is not pure Alpha, as it is advertised. The Alpha merges into Beta. Then I started smelling something sweet until I discovered my wife was using her hairspray but I was at the other end of the house smelling it. Would this music enhance my sense of smell?

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